Fresh Gourmet Mushrooms
Bio-Material Experiments
Fungal Fermentation
Medicinal Extracts



Initially we are focused as a mushroom farm, working with the most suitable species for our given environment. As the seasons change so will our produce. Research into circular production systems will guide us to more resourceful and efficient methods of farming as we progress.

Working relationships with some of the most forward thinking chefs and grocery stores in our area keeps us in touch with our output.


Polyspore is an urban mushroom farm based in Altrincham. Aiming to realise viable methods of farming that make use of waste materials to produce food, medicinal products and bio-materials. 





As we grow we will work with others from all walks of life, to inspire, build community and improve wellbeing and therefore quality of life for all.

These organisms allow us innumerable solutions to many of the problems that lay before us, to see these through will take collaborative effort to push the boundaries of what is known, and what can be done.